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/_uploads/images/airport-travel-business-btm-sunset.jpgAIRLINE BOOKINGS

Dynamic changes have, and continue to take place, within the travel industry. With the introduction of web based and consolidator (unpublished) airfares, analysis as to the feasibility of flight passes and negotiated preferred air agreements will be constantly monitored by your assigned Account Manager. This will ensure that the resources used to achieve the greatest cost savings are utilized. Maritime Travel will assist your organization, if required, in the negotiation of preferred air agreements.

In addition, we guarantee that we will always offer the lowest available airfare applicable at the time of booking, subject to airline restrictions. If we fail to offer that fare, we will refund the difference and issue a $50 travel voucher for use at a later time.



/_uploads/images/young-businessman-walking-at-the-airport-using-his-mobile-phone.jpgMARINE AND OFFSHORE DISCOUNTS


People travelling with a marine or offshore air ticket MUST be traveling to/from or in connection with work on a commercial vessel such as cargo or container, LNG, chemical, tanker, deep-water exploration, offshore installation or an associated construction or support project. Failure to produce proper documentation may result in denied boarding by the airline.

Maritime Travel has an exclusive agreement with several carriers worldwide offering 7 million fares through 31 offices in 18 countries with full 24/7 support.

Our counsellors will always search this database for those travelling to and from a vessel, rig or platform (includes land-based rigs and wind farms) ensuring you get the best fare available.



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