Corporate Branches


Calgary Corporate - Maritime Travel, 7777-10th Street NE, Calgary

Edmonton Corporate - Maritime Travel, Jasper Avenue, Edmonton

New Brunswick

Brunswick Square - Maritime Travel, King Street, St. John

Kings Place - Maritime Travel, King Street, Fredericton

Main Street Moncton (bilingual branch) - Maritime Travel, Main Street, Moncton

Nova Scotia

Barrington Place - Maritime Travel, Barrington St., Halifax

Burnside Industrial Park - Maritime Travel, Brownlow Ave., Darthmouth

Park Lane - Maritime Travel, Park Lane Mall, Spring Garden Road, Halifax

Truro Mall/Call Centre - Maritime Travel, 245 Robie Street, Truro

Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown - Maritime Travel, Kent Street, Charlottetown

British Columbia

Vancouver Downtown - Maritime Travel, Bute Street, Vancouver

Newfoundland and Labrador

Atlantic Place - LeGrow's Travel, 215 Water Street, St. John's

Corner Brook Valley Mall - LeGrow's Travel, 1 Mount Bernard Avenue, Corner Brook

Happy Valley/Goosebay - LeGrow's Travel, Reitman's Mall, Loring Drive, Goosebay

Labrador City - LeGrow's Travel, Carol Lake Shopping Centre, Labrador City

Terrace on the Square - LeGrow's Travel, Churchill Sq, 10 Rowan Street, St. John's

Village Mall - LeGrow's Travel, Topsail Road, St. John's


Kingston Clock Tower - Maritime Travel, 835 Norwest Rd. Clock Tower Plaza, Kingston

Ottawa Rideau (bilingual branch) - Maritime Travel, Rideau Centre, Rideau Street, Ottawa

Toronto Financial Distrcit - Maritime Travel, 105 Adelaide Street West, Toronto

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